My crazy first osteopathy experience

Hello my friend!

This Monday I had my first osteopathy session ever and I’m still blown away by it.
I’ve been having troubles with my jaw and ears since quite a while now and after not being fully satisfied with the few measures my dentist and doctor provided, I decided to go see a specialist on CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction, a general term for dysfunctions in the jaw area), which happened to be an osteopath.
At that point, I had no idea what osteopathy was, so in case you’re feeling the same way, here’s a quick explanation.

Osteopathy is a form of healing arts that looks at the body as a whole and tries to find the root of the problem -that is often located in a completely different region in the body- rather than just focussing on the area where the symptoms appear.
The osteopath treats with his hands, always considering the patient as a unity of body, spirit and soul that is influenced by his/her personal environment.
The goal is to loose existing restrictions of motion and in this way, bring the body back in balance, so it is able to heal itself again.

This is what happened in my first session:

So, it started off pretty normal. First we spoke a bit about my medical records, I answered some questions, then he had a closer look on how I stand and sit to recognize existing inequalities (shoulders unevenly high, body slightly leaned to one side, bowlegs, one foot slightly pointing inward etc).

Once I laid down on the treatment couch, the actual therapy began. He worked on different parts of my body to relieve tensions (mostly through pushing with his handpalms into special points), starting with my lower stomach, then my rib/chest area and last, my head.
He held my head with his fingertips for a while and I could literally feel energy coming from them. It felt like I even had goosebumps on my head because it felt so good.

He then started to work on my temple area and gave me little impulses with his fingers. I already had my eyes closed for a while when he asked me what color I saw. I was surprised about this weird question, but I did actually really see colors- a yellowish brown and green(ish). After quietly concentrating on it for a while and trying to find out which one was more dominant, I eventually told him I saw a greenish color. Oh interesting, he said, that’s the color of the chakra he last worked on before he went over to my head. Green is the color of the heart chakra which is attributed to the chest/rib area, he told me.

He continued the therapy, working some more on my temple area before he moved to my upper neck/back of my head, where I’m having a bump on the left side (which was one of the main reasons I started the therapy). Turns out this bump isn’t a swelling like I thought, but one of my cervical vertebrae that is standing out at least 1 centimeter more than it should.
Anyways, he touched, massaged and held different parts of the head/neck area when I started to see a color again. This time is was so, so clear and it was only one color, so there was no confusion about it. I was just about to say it when he asked me which color I was seeing now. Quick like a shot, I answered that I saw purple- which is the color of the chakra he was working on just minutes before.

I mean, I knew that there are chakras but I couldn’t even tell how many of them – and I honestly had no clue about the colors that are associated with them. If somebody would have told me about seeing their colors during an osteopathy session, I probably wouldn’t have believed it.
But I experienced it and its crazy and I get that most people won’t believe it until they experience it themselves. But yeah, I can say that I’m a fan now 🙂

I am naturally very correspondant to spiritual happenings like this, so I’m not saying everyone will see colors- but for me it was the proof that the therapy has a positive effect on me and it made me understand why certain chakras are associated with certain colors and body areas.

If you’re interested in this topic, here’s a short quote of the German website that I roughly translated that talks about the evolution of health problems and the aim of an osteopathy therapy.

“Often, health problems and illness are formed because a restriction of the range of motion detains a structure of working properly. A such dysfunction can sooner or later lead to a harm of the structure. This is why an osteopath will always try to loose restrictions of motion. By doing this, he supports the self-regulating forces of the body that can then fully take effect. That’s all an osteopath can do- because the body has to heal itself.”

I really like the concept of looking for the root of the problem instead of just subscribing medicine for the symptoms. An Osteopath doensn’t do just the physical part, he also helps the patient to be(come) self-concious about his/her body and raises awareness of living in a healthy and balanced way. It is so important that we treat our bodies carefully, but we tend to forget.

In just this one single session I have already learned so much about my own body (and the human body in general!) and have been reminded of so, so many things that I already knew, but definitely neglected (getting active, doing yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, avoiding stress etc).

I’m already looking forward to next week’s session and hope you have a wonderful start into the week tomorrow!


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