Music as a medicine

There is something healing in music, whether it’s listening to sad songs when you’re heartbroken or the invincible feeling you get when your favorite song comes on and the world is yours for three minutes. Music is powerful- it makes you dance, cry, sing, it comforts and encourages and brings back memories in a second.

The kind of music that I like most is the one that makes me think. The one that speaks about important things. The one that has not just 5 words that are repeated between the same beats for 4 minutes. The one that does not sing of money, bitches and sex.

There are exactly 3 artists/groups that I love exactly for this reason. They sing about forgiveness, healing, love, gratefulness, connection to nature and more that the world needs more of. To me, they aren’t “just” musicians. They’re genius poets, world changers and creators of big movements. They raise awareness of political and social problems and fight them peacefully with their songs.


Nahko and Medicine for the People:

Front man Nahko was born in Portland (USA), lived in Hawaii and has a mixed ethnic background including Filipino, Puerto Rican and Apache descent. He stands up for Native American rights and was using his prominance to raise awareness about the dodgy happenings at Standing Rock in course of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests between 2016 and 2017. Nahko and Medicine for the People want to bridge cultural gasps. Their mission is to come together to create a better tomorrow so one day we can all live together in harmony. Because after all, isn’t that what we all want?

“Don’t waste your hate
Rather gather and create
Be of service, be a sensible person
Use your words and don’t be nervous
You can do this, you’ve got purpose
Find your medicine and use it”

Nahko and Medicine for the People – Manifesto

Their music is a mix of different styles, up-beat and good-vibed songs with sometimes Hawaiian or reggae influences and always poetically genius lyrics and a big message behind.


Trevor Hall:

“Time is such a wonderful gift
You’re not running out
You’re really running in”

Trevor Hall – You can’t rush your healing

Trevor’s voice is the most soothing voice I know, perfect to listen to after a long day at work. He provides a smooth mix of folk, reggae and roots rock with a hint of inspiration from India. Through his songs, he shares his spiritual journey and often sings about life experiences. When he’s on tour, he’s collecting donations to support children’s education in India.


Xavier Rudd:

Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd plays easy-going songs, often with great influences of reggae music. Xavier is an environmentalist and raises awareness about indiginous rights for the Australian Natives. He apparently has a huge connection to nature and often sings about these topics, including societal questions. To many of his songs, the didgeridoo is added- a traditional music instrument of the Aborigines that requires a special circular breathing technique in order to get a sound out of it. He usually performs as a one-man band, surrounded by many instruments that he often plays all at the same time.

I had the honor to see him live few weeks ago and the vibe at the concert was very unique- the whole hall was filled with love and harmony.

BohoSoul zeltival BohoSoul king of the didgeridoo

“So follow, follow the sun
The direction of the birds
The direction of love

Breathe, breathe in the air
Cherish this moment
Cherish this breath”

Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun


What are your favorite music artists? Do you usually pay a lot of attention to the lyrics?



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